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Frameous UX Platform 


After the success of building out the CYBSUI React library the need to provide additional tools for designers and developers via a dedicated UX platform was the next challenge.

Framous is a collection of tools built to provide teams with the capabilities to deliver version of modules that are WCAG 2.1 compliant and white labelabled. Key feature include:



Framous is currently used by 30+ sprint teams across the Visa's Value Added Services product suite and is being used the the primary platform for many of the new product or company acquisitions product rewrites. It was created and is maintained by a team of 25 very talented UI and UX Engineers.


What I Did


Imagine it was possible and was given the opportunity to build and lead of one the most talented teams around to make is possible.  

  • Allow teams to develop and deploy to Production independently of each other within the same application

  • Support early adopters, late adopters

  • A/B Testing

  • Shorten Regressions Cycles

  • Decouple Release Process for better support with less time required

  • Easy and instantaneous rollbacks

  • Allow for testing in production before rolling out to users

  • Reduce risk from new code

  • Adoption across products and teams

  • UI Platform of choice for new product acquisition product UI updates, old to new product rewrites

  • The ability to stand up new applications that are WCAG compliant and White-label enabled was the key differentiator in Cybersource's ability to partner with Bank of America to replace First Data, a 550 million a year in revenue joint venture. 

  • Design system maturity including Design Patterns/Page Templates

Design Patterns/Page Templates 

Part of helping streamline and speed up the overall development process to enable fastest features to market Design Patterns or Page Templates were established so all teams could deliver towards consistency and with pre built UI and tools.

5 Page Templates were mapped to 57% of the screen types across all 50+ modules.

  • Search

  • Details

  • Forms

  • Results

  • Process

Before: Each of the 51+ modules had their own search and results formats, styles and interactions. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 9.03.18 PM.png

After:  One consistent Search and Results format for all modules.

Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 9.03.43 PM.png
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