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Verizon Bundles Buying Journey

Company Overview 


Created on Nov. 1, 2001, Verizon's Web site has been a boon to customers and the company, opening a channel that more than 5.9 million customers use regularly and more than 518,000 visitors explore daily. In 2007, there were more than 189 million site visits, more than 884 million page views, and more than1.27 million customers placing orders online. In 2007 Verizon collected more than $1.68 billion inpayments online, up 22 percent over 2006.



What I Did

As the Senior Usability Analyst responsible for 3 key areas ofthe websites including MyAccount, Customer Service/Self Help and Bundles configuration.I provided:

  • Strategy

  • Assement & Research

  • User Centered Design


Working within a project matrix I was responsible for defining, communicating and delivering wireframes, heuristic evaluations, usability studies and interaction design.

As Verizon's online presence grew so did the need to improve customer self service, provide one point of access for all products to exisiting customer and ensure the best possible buying experience for new customers.

Assessment & Research

Verizon relied heavily on costly outsource usability testing which wasn't practical for gaining feedback on smaller but critical design decisions. I began a usability testing iniative that grew to allow Verizon the ability to routinely and cost efficiently gain end user feedback.


Over the span of 2 years I conducted 23 in house usability studies testing both proposed designs and the live site. We collected feedback from 118 participants. My role was as the test organizer and facilitator. The test plans were created in conjunction with the site or product managers.


Screen Shot 2024-03-24 at 11.57.09 AM.png

Project Outcome

The combined efforts of the projects won's MyAccount and Self-Help Web Sites to be ranked No.1 among out of 1O telecommunications sites. 

User Centered Design

Through heuristic evaluations and the input from the usability studies conducted. I created wireframes for site updates and improvements.

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