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Enterprise UX design focuses on designing for people at work, i.e. professionals. Products, services and apps that require enterprise UX are more complex business to business solutions for large organizations that tend to be process and data heavy. They rely on a heavy use of Design Patterns and adhere to a more well define overall UI structure and UI logic layer than most consumer focused design systems.


Enterprise UX design requires an organization-wide commitment to UX strategy that puts user-needs at the forefront. It's goal is to connect the greater end to end experiences and applications via the User Experience Platform. 


To be able to deliver a world class user experience in BPM driven applications, it all comes down to process. A business process management workflow approach aligns the system with the users workflow and expectations. 

Process is the backbone of any application and optimizing it is the key to successful user adoption. Many products and applications  focus on the presentation side of things. However, no user interface has ever been successful without focusing on the hard and boring parts like process. A good UX strategy is driven by the process and practices that align with the customer needs.  

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